Why We’re Growing Our Mission-Driven Cookie Company To A National Customer Base

Posted by Elise Sampson on 6/22/2017 to Bakery News
Why We’re Growing Our Mission-Driven Cookie Company To A National Customer Base

Our artisanal small-batch bakery in the North Carolina Appalachian Mountains started small with a lofty two-fold goal: to train and hire intellectually disabled adults and to make delicious, gluten-free cookies that everyone in our community could enjoy.

From our roots as a small local business whose soul resides in our giving-back component, we have grown in ways we never thought possible.


Customers love our cookies for exceeding their expectations of gluten-free baked goods. Thanks to our innovative culinary team and commitment to sourcing the highest quality ingredients available, you no longer have to endure a cardboard cookie simply because you choose to honor your body’s needs!


We wanted to create healthy treats for everyone that tasted as delicious as the classic chocolate chip cookie. Our Spicy Ginger, Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal cookies taste like the gluten-full cookies you remember from childhood, but they won’t derail your wellness goals.


Our team at Reason To Bake is amazed as we observe our local impact and success. With the knowledge that customers are responding to our mission locally, we are ready to grow the opportunities we offer to people with intellectual disabilities. We’re excited to expand production of the best brand of gluten-free cookies for customers across the United States.

In keeping with our goal to provide everyone opportunities to create in a safe, supportive environment, we are thrilled to expand our mission-driven cookie to a national customer base.


We want to be a social mission business that says “Yes, you can!” We create an environment in which life is sweet, creativity thrives, and there are no limits to what anyone can learn and accomplish. Reason To Bake knows that expanding to a national customer base is the logical next step to creating employment opportunities for as many people as we can.


We are honored to take part in a growing movement of entrepreneurs focused on creating jobs for adults with disabilities. Everyone deserves a place to put their creativity to work, experience a sense of accomplishment and personal growth, and know that their individual contribution counts toward a meaningful goal.


Reason To Bake is excited to bring Cookies With Heart to grocery stores and food co-ops across the United States. When we start looking for ways to involve people with intellectual differences in entrepreneurship, the possibilities are endless.

Our little cookie company in Appalachia is ready to grow- and we credit that growth to the very people our giving-back component serves.

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