Gluten-Free Poolside Snacks For Kids

Posted by Claire on 7/26/2017 to Sweet Ideas
Gluten-Free Poolside Snacks For Kids

Are you ready to step up your poolside snack game this summer? Here are three recipes we love for a tasty boost of energy so you and your kids can bask and play in the sun all day long. Even better, these snacks are easy to prep and easy to transport. All these mini-meals are also gluten-free*, so everyone can enjoy.

They’re also bite-sized, because why not?

Turkey, Pesto & Cheese Mini-rolls

This tastebud break packs a punch of fiber and protein and is easy for kids to eat! It can be made using gluten-free, vegetarian or dairy-free alternatives as well, so feel free to swap in your favorite ingredients for your family’s unique dietary needs.


You’ll need:

Sliced turkey (Vegetarian alternative: tempeh bacon)

Thin- sliced cheese of choice

Gluten-free tortillas (or just use the turkey as a wrap!)

Pesto or other favorite dressing

1 tupperware container


1.    Lay out your turkey or tortillas, depending on what you prefer to use as a wrap.

2.    Cut cheese slices in half and layer onto the tortillas

3.    Spread pesto or dressing on the cheese

4.    Cut into 1 ½ inch strips and roll each strip up

5.    Place the rolls into your tupperware container and head to the pool!


Almond Butter & Hemp Seed Cookie Bites

Of course we need a cookie recipe, but who doesn’t love cookies?

These cookie bites are gluten-free, and the hemp seeds add protein, healthy good fats, and fiber. Of course, you can sub in your favorite nut or seed butter to make this snack your own.

You’ll need:

1 package of your favorite flavor of Reason to Bake gluten-free cookies

1 jar of almond butter

Whole shelled hemp seeds

1 Tupperware container


1.    Lay out your cookies on a cookie sheet.

2.    Warm almond butter for 20 seconds in the microwave to make it easier to spread.

3.    Carefully spoon almond butter on the cookies

4.    Top with a sprinkle of hemp seeds and a second cookie

5.    Cut the cookies into squares and place in your tupperware container.


Hummus & Cheese Stackers

Our last snack for a poolside energy boost is a crispy, gluten-free tiny hummus sandwich! If your kids won’t eat hummus, try these with guacamole instead.

You’ll need:

1 Package Gluten-Free Rice Crackers

1 Package Hummus

Sliced cheese of choice

1 tupperware container


1.    Lay out the crackers on a cookie sheet

2.    Cut cheese into 1x1 inch squares

3.    Spread a dollop of hummus on half of the crackers

4.    Top with slices of cheese and another cracker, stack into your tupperware and enjoy!


Let us know if you try one of our recipes, send us pictures of what you made, or send us your suggestions. Happy poolside snacking!


*If you are concerned about gluten sensitivity, be sure to check the labels on each ingredient to ensure the food is labeled gluten-free and was prepared in a gluten-free certified facility. If you need help navigating the sometimes confusing world of gluten-free food labels, check out our blog 5 Myths About Gluten-Free Foods.

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