Frequently Asked Questions

How many cookies are in one package of Reason to Bake gluten-free cookies? 
There are six cookies in each box. Enjoy! 

Can I get a bulk discount for large amounts of cookies? 
The better question is: where are you going to store them? Just kidding. We offer FREE shipping on any purchase of six (6) boxes of cookies or more, and already-built-in discounts to our cookie party boxes for small and large parties. Need a custom quote for your special occasion? Contact us and we'll be happy to work with you! 

Are your gluten-free cookies safe for people with celiac disease?
Yes. Our delicious cookies are tested and inspected with every small artisan batch to make sure they are safe and ready to arrive on your door step. Please note: our cookies are crafted in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen, and we monitor our product and test it. However, it is not a certified gluten-free kitchen. 

Gluten-free foods typically don't taste very good. How do I know Reason to Bake cookies will be different?
Ask our customers and read our reviews! Most of them will tell you how surprised they were to find out our cookies are gluten-free. They're THAT close to the original thing with a unique and mouthwatering flavor all their own. 

How do you ship your cookies? When will my cookies arrive?
We ship our boxes of cookies via U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail. We ship boxes out within 3-5 business days. You'll receive a shipment notification when your order is going out the door! All packages are tracked. Typically, your shipment will arrive within 7 business days once shipped but we cannot guarantee a specific delivery date during high-traffic seasons, such as winter holidays. Please order in advance if you're ordering cookies as a gift or for an event! 

How do I leave a review?

If you love our cookies, please leave us a review on the website!! 

Anyone can leave product reviews on the website. Just go to any of the Reason to Bake products you love, click on the product details page, and you'll see a star-review system and a button that says "Review this Item."

Be sure to fill in your name (first name is fine), location (city or state is fine), email address (this remains private and is only used to confirm you're a real person), and the title for your review (just a few words like "Chocolate Chip are Great!" will do). Then leave a review in the box below. Add a star rating. Then click "leave review." Our team receives notice of each review that comes in.

What is your refund and return policy?
If your package never arrived in the mail, let us know. We'll double-check tracking with the USPS and make it right with your order. You're in good hands. 

We will replace any damaged product free of charge. Let us know and our awesome customer service team will take care of you. 

If you're unsatisfied with your batch of gluten-free cookies, please notify us within 5 days of opening your package. Be aware that we have a strict no-return policy on opened boxes (this means: you've opened the individual wrapping and eaten some of them). 

Bottom line: we want you to have a sweet life, celebrate the social mission with our community, and enjoy the best gluten-free cookies ever. If you're not happy, contact us with your order number and let us know. 

Will you be releasing more cookie flavors soon? 
Yes! We have some exciting new cookie lines in R&D (research and development, or as we like to call it, "recipe development"). Want to be the first to know? Sign up for our monthly newsletter and get first dibs when we release a new flavor. 

Is Reason to Bake hiring? 
Contact us and let us know if you're interested in a job position. Our company mission is to provide a safe, supportive work environment for adults with intellectual disabilities who can be hired and trained to learn entrepreneurial skills. 

I love everything you're doing and your company mission! How can I keep in touch with Reason to Bake?
The best thing to do is subscribe and get our monthly newsletter (and the occasional exclusive coupon and sale!) Look for the subscribe box at the bottom of this page. Next, check out The Sweet Life, our regular blog. And last but not least, we would LOVE it if you joined us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Are your ingredients high-quality in your cookies? 

Absolutely. We have carefully scouted for the best ingredients for Reason To Bake cookies. Carolyn always wants the cookies to surpass your standards. In each small artisan batch, we use fresh eggs, real butter, organic shortening, fine gluten-free flours, and more. We go all-natural and organic whenever possible, and we snub our noses at GMO ingredients and preservatives.