Camp Blues Skies partners with Reason To Bake on a signature cookie for 10th Anniversary celebration

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Camp Blues Skies partners with Reason To Bake on a signature cookie for 10th Anniversary celebration

Camp Blue Skies is thrilled to share this sweet news with the world: There’s an official cookie honoring our 10 years of camp fun, memories, and friendships. 


Elise and Carolyn Sampson (one of our campers!) of Reason To Bake Cookies created the Lemon Blueberry Oatmeal Camp Blue Skies Cookie. Not only is this cookie incredibly yummy (and we’ve eaten quite a few), it is gluten-free, non-GMO, and all-natural.


A box of six cookies is $10 on and can be shipped anywhere. A portion of the proceeds from cookie sales will benefit Camp Blue Skies Foundation. The cookies will also be available at select retailers (see the list below).


“We appreciate Elise, Carolyn, and Reason To Bake for teaming up with us in creating this great cookie and for their amazing support over the years. I can’t think of a more delicious tribute to 10 years of Camp Blue Skies,” said Dick Sesler, founder of Camp Blue Skies.


“This cookie is one of the ways to make camp available to more adults with developmental disabilities, provide respite to families and caregivers, and change the lives of our volunteers,” he said.


Campers attending the 2019 North Carolina sessions at YMCA Camp Harrison got a sneak preview of the cookies. Their verdict: Many, many thumbs up!


Carolyn, who has Down syndrome, began attending camp four years ago after Camp Blue Skies connected with Reason To Bake via Twitter. Elise and Carolyn immediately became ambassadors for Camp Blue Skies and often donate cookies for dessert during camp sessions and to serve during fundraisers. 


“We have seen firsthand how Camp Blue Skies can transform the lives of the campers, parents, caregivers, volunteers, and supporters,” said Elise. “It is so meaningful, knowing that each box of cookies sold will directly impact this great organization and the amazing individuals they serve.”


Besides being a winning flavor combination, the lemon blueberry is a hat-tip to Camp Blue Skies’ signature blue and yellow colors.


Order from today! We can’t wait to hear what you think.




Besides, find the Camp Blue Skies Lemon Blueberry Oatmeal cookie at the following retailers (prices may vary):

North Carolina

· Black Mountain: Half Moon Market

· Brevard: Food Matters Market, Pisgah Coffee Roasters, Whistlestop Market 

· Cashiers: Cashiers Farmer’s Market  

· Hendersonville: Black Bear Coffee Shop and Appalachian Coffee Company

· Lake Toxaway: Historic Toxaway Market 



· Wheaton: My Half of the Sky Coffee Shop 



· Kaldi’s Coffee Company (17 locations)



· Franklin: Our Thrift Store and Fork of the South


West Virginia

· Lewisburg: Bella The Corner Gourmet

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