Behind Our Gluten-Free Flour: Meet Naomi Poe

Posted by Elise Sampson on 11/6/2017 to Inspiring Stories
Behind Our Gluten-Free Flour: Meet Naomi Poe
One of our passions with this blog is to introduce you to people who are making a difference in their community.  We hear so much negativity through the media, it is easy to forget that all over the world people are making a difference.  Naomi is one of these people. Faced with the diagnosis of Celiac for her family, she became determined to be a positive force rather than a victim, which led her to start a venture more successful than she could imagine...Better Batter Flour Company was born. 
Better Batter Flour is the ONLY flour we use at Reason to Bake.  We can not praise the company enough for their quality  and integrity.

Give Naomi a warm welcome as she shares her thoughts below!

Learning To Dance: The Story Behind Better Batter Gluten-Free Flour 

I grew up in Florida – the sunshine state. The hurricane state.

When I was growing up, during each storm, my mother would say, “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” 

As a ‘rhythmically challenged” girl, I appreciated her wisdom, but I didn’t really understand it.

A)     Who would want to be in a storm?

B)      I can’t dance….

C)     Dancing in a storm can’t be safe….

I thought she was a being a little silly….

Fast forward to 2006:  My children, myself, and most of my extended family were diagnosed with Celiac disease. This was long before most people, even many doctors, knew what it really was. I struggled to make sense of the good that could come out of this situation. I prayed for healing that did not come, I searched for food options that did not exist, and I tried methods that, frankly, were awful. 

We were sick. We were tired. We were HUNGRY.

One night in desperation, I prayed for a way to make the recipes I grew up with. I went to bed, and had a dream that I was making special flour.

When I woke up, I mixed the ingredients and found that it actually worked! A prayer had been answered.

Long story, short: overwhelming interest in purchasing my flour mix led to the founding of my company, Better Batter. Having no business background, I had to learn business, and I was entering an extremely competitive industry. All I had was my experience.

Year over year, we've faced different struggles in the business: challenges to our faith, both moral and financial. It has never been easy, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes. 

I have asked why, why, WHY through all of this: Why did God allow my family to be sick? Why did He place noncompetitive lil’ ol’ me in a cut-throat industry? Why allow me to experience trials over and over and over, only to come through (always at the last moment!) with provision?

Running a business, facing (now) multiple food times it feels like a category 5 hurricane. So often, I have asked the Lord, “When will You allow the storm to pass?”

But my mother’s words still resonate.

The products and the company are God’s instruments. His Symphony is this: trials create desperation. Desperation leads to prayer. Prayer leads to opportunities to dance. But what does it mean to dance? To dance means...

o   To create projects  that care for the poor and oppressed

o   To grow the fruits of the spirit

o   To burn out the impurity of self-reliance

o   To treat others the way I’d want to be treated

o   To bring the Sacred into the Secular

Am I rhythmically challenged? Oh, yes! But I am called to be a dancer in all these senses.

So I raise my face to the rain; I bless the Lord for giving me the storm and the instruments; and I move--in time and in tune--to His heavenly symphony.

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